Maraya - Arabic for mirrors - is an institute dedicated to the cultural and academic communication between Europe and the Arab World. It is firmly convinced that different cultures can reflect and enrich each other. Thus, by encouraging a common awareness of culture and history, Maraya plans to bring together different cultures without destroying their uniqueness, plurality and diversity.

Maraya's main focus is on the firmly established cultural and academic relationships in the Mediterranean area. But, Maraya is extending this focus to developing the mutual perception of the German and the Arab worlds by bridging the communication gap caused by the language barriers.

Maraya is working on giving definite form to different cultural reflections of Europe and the Arab world through academic, literary, artistic and social activities. The institute is open for cooperation with people and institutions that share its interests.

Based on the principle of equality and mutual respect in cultural and academic communication between Europe and the Arab world, Maraya is located in both Germany and Lebanon.

Maraya's activities include, but are not limited to:

•  Translating and publishing philosophical, academic and literary works from major European languages into Arabic and vice versa

•  Organizing conferences and panel discussions on academic, cultural, political, and social themes

•  Organizing cultural and artistic activities

•  Promoting inter-religious dialogue based on a modern discourse of equal standing between partners

•  Exchanging experiences and qualifications between cultural, academic, and artistic institutions